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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Watch All Eight Porsche 911 Generations Hit The Open Road

Now this is a caravan. The Porsche 911 has changed a lot since the German automaker rolled out the first one over half a century ago in 1963. However, while the car has certainly grown in size...

Audi S2-R Quattro Hillclimb Monster – 2.2 5-cylinder Turbo Engine Symphony!

For the Audi Quattro 5 cylinder fans out there! Here we have a video with one of the best sounding hillclimb monsterswe have ever seen: Karl Werner’ Audi S2 R Quattro. You can hear the melodic sound of the Audi 2.2-liter 5-cylinder engine (with around 630hp) in action!


It’s that time of year where we take a look back at the season and check out all the Burnout Carnage from around the country. With a heap of Tyre Fires, Wall Hits & Rods Out there’s no shortage of action to cut together into one WILD video.

TEST: BMW 320d Steptronic vs. Mercedes-Benz C220d 9G-tronic

What drama will unfold as a new protagonist from House Munich takes on the lead knight from House Stuttgart? A slightly dramatic intro to this comparative test but, considering the long-standing rivalry between these two leading German brands and the significance each manufacturer places on this segment, you might well imagine a medieval-style duel between the best knights of...

Audi Q7 refreshed! Facelift brings updated styling, engines, cabin…

Audi has whipped the covers off its facelifted Q7, handed the large SUV updated exterior styling, mild-hybrid technology and the latest dual-touchscreen arrangement in the cabin. Clearly drawing some styling inspiration from its new Q8 sibling, the updated SUV employs a singleframe grille with six upright slats. The redesigned headlamps, meanwhile, are optionally offered in HD ...

2019 Ford Ranger VelociRaptor by Hennessey

A product that Ford should have given us long back Hennessey has been ripping up cars and trucks and turning them into something even more monstrous for quite some time now. We recently saw the tuner’s Jeep creation in the form of the Gladiator Maximus with the Hellcat engine and 1,000 horses that came with it....

Audi Sport’s Latest Idea For The R8 Is Phenomenal

It doesn’t get much better than this. First thing’s first, the bad news: the Audi R8’s long-term future is looking bleak. Chances are, the current second generation V10-powered supercar will be not be replaced at the end of its lifecycle with an all-new R8. Instead, Audi Sport’s halo model is said to become an all-electric supercar...

Listen To The First Aftermarket Exhaust For The Jeep Gladiator

But does it sound good enough? Jeep isn’t having any trouble selling its new Gladiator truck. As dealers struggle to keep the new model in stock, customers are spending over $56,000 on average and some have even paid over sticker price to get one. A diesel-powered Gladiator is on the way but for now, all versions of the...

BMW’s 600HP Hybrid Vision M Next Coupe Is The Future Of Driving

Looking toward the future will keep you ahead of the game, and that’s exactly what BMW is doing with their latest electric vehicle design. The BMW Vision M Next Concept is an electrified coupe that gives us a taste of what the iconic car company has in store for the journey ahead. Although the Vision M Next...

Surveillance Video of Tesla Exploding in Shanghai Parking Lot Goes Viral

Tesla is adamant that its cars are significantly less likely to catch fire than your average car, as Reuters reports, but that still hasn’t kept a surveillance video from spreading worldwide, showing a Tesla Model S bursting into flame and all but disappearing, Spinal Tap-style, in a parking garage reportedly in Shanghai. That location is a funny one, as Tesla is...


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