Brabus G65-Class With Impressive 900 HP

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Brabus is perfectly known name in the tuning world. They are specialists in cars from Mercedes-Benz gamma. When engineers do Brabus cars then on top. Brabus has marked 40 years of existence. At the Motor Show presented a lot of new tuning cars such as the S65. But the best thing they’ve done this year and we are proud of is the strongest off-road in the world G-Class 65 AMG. This is the most powerful off-road in the world. Powered by a V 12 engine that you do 0 / 100 kmh unleashed by as much as 3.9 sec. a top speed of even 270 km / h. Brabus 900 G65 runs the best V 12 engine with 900 hp and 1500 Nm. Torque is reduced to 1200 Nm to transmission could hold each ride. Despite this limits the G65 has incredible acceleration. This off road SUV is as fast as a Porsche GT3. The external appearance was changed in style Brabus so far not like G-Class 65 AMG, Brabus model because it has an extended body and a lot of carbon. He’s got wheels of 23 inches. What Brabus says will be produced only 10 copies and the price will be astronomical even by 666 000 euros.

Video – Motorward

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