BMW M5 5.8L V10 – 630 HP BLACK BEAST

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BMW M5 (E60) is a model that is very popular nowadays, because it has an outstanding engine power, acceleration and excellent sport look.  BMW enthusiasts probably will agree with the statement that the previous generation M5 (E60), which is driven by a fantastic 5.0-liter V10 power unit S85, and one of BMW with the best sound ever! Unfortunately, turbo technology gives a lot, but not the unique sound of the V10 engine.  When this air engine further tuned, such as the automobile, which has DINAN STROKER kit wherein the displacement was increased to 5.8 liters, and even power raised to 630 Hp. With KKS exhaust system, the pleasures never end. Listen to this great sound and perfect acceleration of the car.

Video – Gumbal

Photo – printscreen

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