Volkswagen ID R Pikes Peak electric car record at Goodwood

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In the week ended jubilee 25th consecutive Goodwood Festival of Speed, and traditional sprint at Goodwood Hillclimb, where for the first time, fully electric cars dominated, taking first and second place. Volkswagen R ID Pikes Peak and Romain Dumas, who recently broke the record at Pikes Peak, set a time of 43.86 seconds (43.05 in qualifying), which is also a new record for electric vehicles and only 2.2 seconds from of the absolute record which is Heidfeld by 1999 in McLaren MP4 / 13 Formula 1 cockpit. The second time was a Chinese electric hyper car Nio ep9 with Peter Dumbreck behind the wheel, which is driven section for just 44.32 seconds. Third was the BMW E36 M3, driven by Joerg Weidinger. Under the hood of the M3 was a 3.5 liter V8 engine Judd, of Formula 1. Pay attention to the sound produced by this electric car. Enjoy in next video.

Video – Goodwood Road & Racing

Photo – Goodwood FoS

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