Maybach would re-produce its own models

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When Daimler revitalized the Maybach brand under its badge, there were several specially made limousines that did not come to the customers’ interest.

Then the name Maybach has found its way to luxury versions of several Mercedes models, but this super luxury brand should in the near future be restarted somewhat independently. More specifically, Autocar reports, transmitting the words of current Daimler’s Dieter Zetsche’s chief, that Maybach “should fit on their feet, like AMG.” Remember, AMG turned from exclusively the so-called. a home-made Mercedes tuner in a somewhat independent brand whose offer currently includes a GT coupe, a roadster and a new four-door coupe, and the super car One will be launched soon. As for Maybach in particular, we do not know in what direction its development will develop, but concept models such as the Vision Ultimate Luxury crossover as well as the coupe and convertible Vision Maybach 6 could be a good indicator that German experts imagine the future of this brand.

Until the special Maybach models arrive, the name of this brand will continue to be used for specially luxurious model finishes from the standard Mercedes offer, and as a rule, those of the higher range.

Photo – Maybach


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