Volkswagen Golf 2 R33 1300HP+ Turbo!

On the 1/2 Mile Drag Race event in Germany – Race 1000 the fastest Volkswagen Golf MK2 appeared in the world on the half mile! This model is really brutal, in every sense of the word. Guys of Speedmakers Vogtland tuning house managed to make a great project and this Golf MK2 is fitted with a R33 Turbo 4motion engine producing over 1300 HP! It puts it at the very top of the fastest VW Golf MK2 in the world next to the Bob Motoring MK2, which is also a very fast and powerful model with around 1300 HP. This Golf MK2 after 802 meters – 1/2 Mile top speed was 333.33 km / h or 211 mp / h! Awesome speed, sound, acceleration, enjoy the next video.

Video – Gumbal

Photo – Youtube printscreen

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