BMW M3 Atlantis Blue Metallic With HRE Wheels

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For all interested BMW owners who wish to further personalize their cars, the BMW Individual program offers a range of modification options that will make the vehicle attract attention and be different from others. This M3, of course, belongs to this category of car.

The first thing that the owner of this particular BMW M3, from Ontario in Canada, has decided to do, is the impressive Atlantis Blue Metallic color that can only be obtained from the BMW Individual program. However, it’s not just the color that makes this M3 jump out of other names.

The sedan lies on a set of HRE wheels, and has a perfect fit thanks to the KW coilover modified suspension. In addition, there is also the Akrapovic exhaust system, the M Performance parts, and a range of carbon fiber elements that came from 3D Design and Sterckenn. Although it may not be as striking as the M3 with Satin Red, this M3 will definitely make the owner very noticeable on the street.

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