Brabus 700 Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic+

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Brabus was again pleasantly surprised by his creation. This time, it’s about the Mercedes-AMG E63. The factory model has 603 hp and 850 Nm, but after the tuner applied its plug-and-play control unit, the E63 now produces a full 690 hp and 900 Nm. After a decent power boost, the car needs only 3.2 seconds to arrive at 0-100 km / h, while the estate model that can be improved with the same modification, from 0 to 100 km / h, will arrive in only 0.1 second less. Both cars are limited in terms of maximum speeds of 300 km / h, although this speed is likely to go up, with the Vmax unit currently being developed. In addition to the power modification, Brabus also offers a new stainless steel electrically controlled silencer for quiet driving, which is activated by selecting the Coming Home option in the cabin. It also offers a new aerodynamic carbon fiber body, optimized in an aerodynamic tunnel. Kit includes larger air intakes on both sides of the front fender, spoiler at both ends and diffuser. Wheels can also be 21-inch, wrapped in high quality high-performance tires. Interior can also be modified, with unlimited selection of fine leather and alkantara, offered in infinitely many colors.

Video – Motorward

Photo – Brabus


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