Fiat 126p With Honda VTEC Turbo Engine Is Very Fast

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Following the Trabant model with the Audi TT engine, another car owner from Poland went a step further by modifying the Fiat 126p. This is not about ordinary tuning modifikation but about the complete processing of this small car that was 90 years of the last century was a real attraction. First of all, the car has been expanded, prefarban in metallic color, but essentially it’s not about some kind of poor processing. But perhaps the most important thing is what is under the hood. Instead of a small engine with two cylinders of 650 cc, which is air-cooled, there’s now a Honda VTEC 1.6-liter engine with an added turbocharger. Instead of the funny 23 hp this Fiat 126p now has 170 hp. It may not seem like too much, but keep in mind that the Fiat 126p has a total weight of about 580 kilograms, with this specimen striving for a noticeably larger engine. We have to say that this project is very interesting and gives the reception to this owner who managed to make a real small sports car, which in the city can leave behind and much better opponents. See the next video below.

Video – arturro

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