Audi Q7 vs Lada Niva On Snow

The premium-class SUV Audi Q7 is a powerful model that is ready for the snow challenge, and as is shown in practice, the next appendix, where the Lada 4×4 is moving.And the next video that his author called the Audi Q7 vs Lada Niva sees that a German car that tried to ride a vehicle along the edge of August stuck in the snow and can not go any further. At that moment, Lada Niva appears, which easily passes through the zane way. In the background of the recording, Lada Niva passes quickly as the Audi Q7 has a problem because it is stuck in deep snow. Whether the point is that, where many say that the Audi Q7 is not such a powerful SUV model to suppress deep snow. Or was it simply the case? Find out and judge for yourself how much trouble the Audi Q7 had. Stay tuned to VW GTI Club.
Video – Александр Трубин, Photo – Youtube printscreen

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