Mercedes Benz SLS Electric Drive maybe in production

The Mercedes Benz SLS Electric Drive may appear in production. The first man of the Mercedes, Tobias Möers, at the Los Angeles Auto Show said that the new high-performance electric car is an open option.For SLS Electric Drive, he said that it was a special car for which he was proud because, among other things, he set a record in the competition of electric cars with a time of Nirburgring’s 7: 56,234 minutes. It says that much has changed since 2012 when electric SLS was introduced.Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive was introduced at the Paris Salon, just months after the Tesla Model S. In spite of the arrival, however, the price of a much too high obstacle in popularization was still high. He cost an incredible 416,500 euros. Stay tuned to VW GTI Club.Photo – Mercedes Benz

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