Volkswagen e-up! future electric car

Bloomberg recently announced that Volkswagen will offer customers a more affordable electric car at a price of around 18,000 euros, and in the meantime, some new details have arrived. Matt Renna, now vice president of the Volkswagen North American Region (NAR), took care of this, but it should be recalled that he used to work in Tesla.
Renna notes that Bloomberg’s story actually refers to the next generation of the electric e-up model! which will among other things get new batteries and longer autonomy compared to the current generation instead of the current 160 km, will have a range of about 270 km. Also, the new e-up! will not be made on Volkswagen’s MEB platform for their electrical I.D. vehicles. In any case, no new e-up! it will not sell to USA, but primarily in Europe, most likely since 2020.
Here we should also recall the recent news that Volkswagen lowered the price of the current e-up! model for almost 4,000 euros and now the price of this model is 22,975 euros in Germany.Photo –

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