Lorinser Mercedes Benz A Class Green Series

Sportservice Lorinser GmbH tuning company from Germany, known for its tuning program for Mercedes Benz models, offers a new tuning package in its offer.This time the owners of the new Mercedes Benz A class now have the Loriser Series Green Series tuning package available. Lorinser Sports Service has set up a set of green wheels RS8, front spoiler, rear bumper with diffuser, Lorinser hatch deck, sports exhaust system, modified suspension, aluminum pedals, new mats, as well as packs to boost the engine. As an example, the A250 version is reinforced with 224 hp and 350 Nm at 258 hp and 420 Nm at 1900-3900 rpm.The Lorinser Green Series Class A package is otherwise limited to 25 fastest clients. It can be said that this package is actually a limited edition.Video/Photo – Sportservice Lorinser
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