VW Golf MK7 R VS Ferrari 458 Italia – Drag Race

On 1/4 mile drag races at Breda International Airport in Netherlands, an event held this summer, very fast super cars appeared, among them very powerful modified models. Among the super cars like Lamborghini, a very fast Volkswagen Golf MK7 R appeared.It is not known what underneath this lid hides this beautiful copy of the Golf R mk7, but it is known that at this encounter, the car driver has won some supercars like the Ferrari 458 Italia. It should be known that the Ferrari 458 Italia is running the V8 engine with 570 hp, so we believe that under the hood of the VW Golf R something hides something really powerful, which in combination with the drive on all wheels literally catapults this car in front of the opponent. The very start of this expensive race was very interesting, so enjoy in great drag race acceleration.Video – Lars Mars Cars, Photo – Youtube printscreen
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