How To Make a Monster Car And Truck Of Cartons

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If you sometimes have a lot of free time, and you love cars, then you can try to use your time and make yourself an interesting toy, from cardboard.How to make an electric car from a cardboard? You will spend a few hours, plenty of cartons and plenty of glue, but you will get a car with operational lights and drive.

The car is definitely one of the most complex industrial products in the development of which hundreds of engineers are involved and often billions of euros. But when talking about car models, things can be simpler, much simpler. What’s best in this story is that you can only choose the model of the car you want to make, or if you are an exaggerated fossil to design a brand new model. In this video there are all the instructions you need to make a car model from a car. Of course, you need creativity, some experience and parts like a small electric motor.Video – Make Your OWN Creation, Printscreen
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