Audi A8 Avant Allroad Unique with W12 engine

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Castagna Milano is definitely not one of the big tuner names in the automotive industry, but these days it’s been publicized by the announcement that it will make a special version of the Audi A8.

As their name suggests, it’s a company that deals with car processing based in Milan. Hence perhaps a strange decision to take the Audi model for their new project. However, this tuning house has decided to make A8 Avant Allroad with all-wheel drive and the W12 engine!
This sentence reveals how ambitious this project actually is. The Italians chose the previous generation of the A8 for the base, and this would be said to be a restylated version of 2014.

In order to reduce the mass of the vehicle as much as possible, Italians plan to use carbon fiber in conjunction with aluminum for roof construction. It is visually clear that it is a A8 in a caravan version with all the stylish features that all of its relatives with Allroad label wear.
As far as the W12 is concerned, it is clear that the engine originally belongs to the Volkswagen Group. It is a 6.3 liter drive unit that develops 493 hp and 625 Nm.
Castagna Milano has announced that it will announce more details about its Audi A8 Avant Allroad in the next few weeks.

Photo – Castagna Milano


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