In August last year, Audi presented the PB 18 E-Tron concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event in the United States, where PB is here for Pebble Beach, number 18 for the year of promotion, and E-Tron confirms that it works about an electric car.

The reaction to the public was obviously positive, and now the new Audi chief Bram Schot has confirmed to the media that PB 18 E-Tron has got a green light for production. However, it is planned to create a limited series of only 50 copies. It remains to be seen at what price.

This is an electric sports vehicle in a shooting brake form with a boot capacity of 470 liters and a central position of the driver’s seat, 453 cm long, 200 cm wide, 115 cm high and a wheelbase of 270 cm. Included are headlights with Audi Matrix technology, OLED instrument panel, 22-inch wheels and all-wheel drive.

For the PB 18 E-Tron, the Audi predicted three three-stroke electric motors and one for the total power of 500 kW / 680 hp in the Boost mode of 570 kW / 775 hp and 850 Nm of torque, and this 1550 kg heavy car up to 100 km / h acceleration a little more than 2 seconds. The factory states that PB 18 E-Tron with one 95 kWh battery charge can go about 500 km of course according to the WLTP standard, and that the batteries on the quick charger are charged in only 15 minutes.

Video – Car & Performance, Photo – Audi