Audi is planning a new model of the A3 liftback coupe, according to the British media, Audi would have to offer its Mercedes CLA and BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe over several years. As expected, Audi plans to offer in the new generation of the A3 the liftback coupe version from the five-inch watt which will be available in sports versions with more than 400 hp.

Some sources mention that the car could carry the name A3 Sportback, and that it can be expected in sales in 2020. The insiders say that the car is slightly longer than 4400 mm, and that in the tire range, among other things, there will be 1.4 liters of gasoline and 2.0 liters of diesel in combination with a 48V electric system. More attention is nevertheless appealing to the announcements of the S3 version of the 2.0 liter turbo with more than 300 hp and 4×4 drive and the RS3 2.5 liter pertocylinder with more than 400 hp. It’s not the end here either because it’s a plug-in hybrid version gasoline + electric motor, a 50 km drive only, and a full electric version that would be made on the Volkswagen MEB platform for electric vehicles.

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