Audi has indicated with the TT Sportback concept that oi could offer TT in the four-door version, and as Auto Express finds out such a car will really be in production. The Audi TT, as a more convenient four-door coupe, has received a green light, and it will appear in production in less than two years. Magazine Auto Express says that this TT will serve as a direct replacement for the current two-door model, and it also publishes several renderers of its possible look.

As for the specific details, the new TT with four doors will be about 290 mm longer than the current two-door coupe, it will be 60 mm wider and will have 120 mm longer wheelbase – the car will be based on an upgraded version of the MQB platform, as well as more places in the interior. In addition to the conventional version, the TT will also receive four-door electric drives, primarily the gamma of mild-hybrid petrol engines with 48-volt technology, but also a new generation of electrified diesel engines. We will write about this model as soon as there is new news.

Photo – / Avarvarii