Presented this year, the BMW M2 Competition model has many advantages of serious improvements against standard M2 models. The most significant of all is the 3.0 liter turbo unit with six-cylinder M2 models, replaced with 3.0-liter six-cylinder M3 / M4 engine, tuned to 405 hp and 550+ Nm of torque. With this powerful power train, the M2 Competition can accelerate to a hundred in less than four seconds, when equipped with an optional automatic double clutch transmission, of course. This line leaves the factory electronically limited to a maximum of 250 km / h, but customers can equip their units with the M Driver package and enjoy an increase of 30 km / h. Modifications, however, are beyond the driving range. BMW engineers also set up a new central cooler along with two side panels, in addition to an oil cooler, while double-clutch models also have transmission oil coolers. On the other hand, car also has a redesigned electro mechanical steering system, inherited the Active M differential, the M2 and M4 axles, and a redesigned suspension that now uses reinforced aluminum components in the rear. Enjoy great images of the BMW M2 Competition model.

Video – BMWBlog

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