To drive a super sporty motorcycle of almost 200 hp is not at all easy, and especially not the maximum speed, at angles of over 45 degrees. Although most Japanese motorcycles dominated the world of super sport motorcycles over the past 20 years, BMW with its model S1000RR completely snaps ends, not only to the Japanese, but also to prestigious Italian athletes, such as Ducati, MV Agusta and Aprilia. In this case, the Danish driver Koby Kris traveled the S1000RR at Hockenheim during the Track Day and at one point achieved a maximum speed of 186 mp / h or 299 km / h, with a 46 degree angle, which is for stock machine exceptional data. Unfortunately, Danac lost a braking bench somewhere later, tried to save the situation, but it was too late, and he decided to eventually break down the motorcycle, rather than hit the firewall. Take a look at this ride.

Video – Koby

Photo – Youtube printscreen