One of the best tuned BMW X5 M is in front of us. We have hardly seen a more attractive BMW X5 M. This model has been introduced by Z-Performance tuning company and it is definitely the dream of every Brenda BMW fan. An Austrian tuning company that has been in existence for 26 years, and is known for creating unique aluminum alloy wheels. For this reason, it’s no surprise that the BMW X5 with the M package gets new Z-Performance wheels of 22 inches, the width is 10.5 inches forward and even 12 inches back. Everything is in matte black, with some sharp detail, like a front spoiler. This color combination is perfect and looks perfect. Co-rowing was done, so the springs were calibrated so that between the wheels and edges of the mudguard there was almost no space. The exterior mirrors and radiator grille are coated with carbon fiber, and all light groups are dimmed. This powerful BMW X5 M now has more power compared to the factory model, so it now runs 750 hp, for which the guys from the Gorilla Performance tuning company are deserving, who did their job in a very good way and with the help of the best components. This X5 M is a dreamy one and probably wants to drive this brutal model at least a little. Enjoy brilliant pictures. Photo – Z-Performance