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Sunday, December 8, 2019

The 2,012HP Aspark Owl Electric Hypercar Clocks A 1.69-Second 0-60 Time

Electric powertrains have seen some tremendous advancements over the last decade or so. While models like the Honda Insight and GM EV1 helped to...

Twin-Turbo AWD Dodge Charger Has 1,525 HP, Carbon Widebody Kit

SpeedKore Demon levels of power in combination with an all-wheel drive and four doors.  This year’s SEMA Show is shifting into a higher gear with...

THOR 24 Is a 24-Cylinder, 12-Blower God of Thunder in Peterbilt Form

This insane custom semi-truck makes 3,424 hp from two Detroit Diesel engines If you thought the Transformers were only in the movies, then you've never...

2020 Land Rover Defender Is Back, and Better Still, It’s Coming to America

It has been years since we've seen a Defender, but Land Rover is introducing this all-new version at the Frankfurt auto show. There will be...

Can-Am Unleashes A 6×6 UTV For All Your Backcountry Hauling Needs

The side-by-side market has been flooded with entries following the class’ seemingly instant rise to popularity regarding affordable off-road vehicles. Can-Am has been a...

Stop what you’re doing and look at this Merc 190 E touring car

Being an old race car, this Mercedes 190 E 2.3-16 Group A has a decent amount of history behind it. Before we get to...

Watch And Listen As Insane 9.5-Liter LS V12 Engine Comes To Life

It spins over 7,000 rpm and yes, you can buy one. The LS swap. In the world of custom automotive builds, few phrases evoke such...

Overfinch Brings Its Limited-Edition Velocity Range Rover To America

Overfinch’s awe-inspiring Range Rover platforms have been the talk of the town in England for quite a while now, and with the company’s expansion...

SUVs Are Gulping All The Gas Fuel Efficient Cars Are Saving

One of the more lamentable trends over the last several decades has been SUVs, pick-up trucks and crossovers becoming the default option for many...

Jeep Gladiator Gets Even More Rugged as a Military-Spec Vehicle

AM General is known for turning the Humvee into the civilian Hummer, but now the company is teaming with Jeep to build a...


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