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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Last year was fantastic for the performance department BMW

In 2018, 102,780 cars with "M" mark were purchased. This is an increase of 27% compared to the result achieved in 2017. In addition,...

How To Make a Monster Car And Truck Of Cartons

If you sometimes have a lot of free time, and you love cars, then you can try to use your time and make yourself...

Is this new Volkswagen Golf 8?

Is this the new Volkswagen Golf eighth generation?This clip appeared recently and was shot on the roads in South Africa. We are not quite...

Volkswagen Polo R-Line Package

The new Volkswagen Polo R-Line is available.The model features 115 hp at 1.0 TSI engine, which combines both manual and 7-speed, DSG 7-speed automatic...

How to Tint Windows On Your Car

A large number of people prefer tinted glass because they make your car look sportier and more luxurious.Tinted glass also provides more privacy inside...

How to Remove Dents from a Car Without Damaging the Paint

The dent on the car really knows that it's annoying, especially that spoils the appearance of our car. The most common places on the...

World premiere of the new Audi e-tron GT concept

Audi largely prefers its big world premiere. Audi and the new teaser video officially confirmed that they will showcase the concept of their future...

For Sale Subaru WRX STi from Kingsman Movie

The Subaru WRX has posted ads, this time a copy from the movie "Kingsman: The Secret Service" The lesser-known Subaru WRX is the...

Lamborghini 2000HP Loses Control Into Lake

Even the super sports cars today do not pass without a serious tuning package if the owner is willing to spend a lot of...

Fail Compilation The Best Supercars Show

Super cars are very popular, and no matter where they appear, they always attract a lot of attention. These cars are rare, and they...


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