Geneva Motor Show is where the highest concentration of super-cars and small manufacturers of high-performance switched machines that are manufactured in small batches.

Among all of them, somewhat shyly, stands the “Golf R performance”, the most powerful production version. After the facelift, engineers slowly version after version, and now it’s your turn has come, and “R”.

In addition to the changes that are characterized by all the other variants, the “R Performance” model can be seen Akrapovič exhaust system and “pireli trofeo R” tire. Amended and damper setup to have the option of adjusting the hardness.

Improvements related to new brake discs with a diameter of 17 inches, as well as to increase the maximum speed at 267 km / h. The engine is arranged in relation to “R” assigned to ten “horse”, so that with its HP 310 have the same strength as “GTI Clubsport” limited-edition.

It is a 2.0 TSI with up to 400 Nm of torque which can be ordered with either a manual or DSG gearbox, both with six speeds. From zero to 100 km / h in impressive 4.6 seconds (instead of the standard 5.1 “R” s). Power is transferred to all four wheels.

No word on pricing, but it should be much more expensive compared to the current ‘Golf R’, which in Germany costs 40,675 euros including tax.

Photo – Volkswagen