Gold Digger Golf R, Low, Loud and Lavish. This 2016 VW Golf 7R is one that you need to keep on lock down. Put the kids in doors as I am going to take you through this bagged out, beefed up and well hung Mk 7R.

Kitted out with Work Wheels VS XX 20″ Twin piece wheels, the V2 Airlift management underside with a cheeky staged 2 APR tuned motor, This MK7 is one for the books. Totally Show built, Bilaal Mia and his cousin have made one of the meanest looking Golfs, gracing the roads of South Africa.

Winning awards at almost every show that it shows up at and taking home GOLD most of the time, wearing it proudly, if I may add.

Video Credit – BasicBenjamin