The well-known tuning residence Arden recently established its modern task Jaguar XE styles, labeled AJ 24.

The many evident difference between your Jaguar XE Arden vehicle companies and ordinary items of British vehicle producer is an assortment of brilliant metallic human anatomy colors and yellow accents. In addition, there is a few Arden Sportline Black Edition alloy tires, main yellow caps and stopping system calipers in identical tone.
Arden also split the time to produce a new springtime system XE vehicle inside the suspension system system that decreases the framework by another 30 mm to the flooring. Four especially meant to help the essential point remains regular and range gear. Exterior upon the versatile completed the weakness manifold of 100 millimeters since they are easily obtainable with a fantastic custom logo Jaguar, which is on bonnet.

Under the body, Arden provides improvements to operate a gasoline range engine with supercharger or turbo diesel items differ companies. Power trolitarskog most readily useful motor of XE series V6 items with severely stuffing, spent my youth from 375 to 422 hp and 573 Nm of torque.