Queensland Police Administration recently released Stinger fleet of cars turned into the official version, which replaced most of the current Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons design. This program was started in mid-December last year, but now, when all the paperwork completed and delivery begins, kvinslendski authorities planned to detonate some fifty units of this month until the end of the year.  “This is a very important day for us,” said Chief of Police in Queensland. “We need a special product, which is what we have now. Actually, we’re talking about an excellent model. ” All new patrol cars Queensland are based on the V6 Stinger line, which has a large 3.3-liter engine with two turbines and 365 hp, which is via an eight-speed automatic transmission is sent to all four sides. Acceleration from zero to a hundred, this line requires 4.9 seconds. For police duty, the cars get additional equipment, consisting of strobe lights and sirens, followed by radio. Photo – Kia