In 2018, 102,780 cars with “M” mark were purchased. This is an increase of 27% compared to the result achieved in 2017. In addition, BMW boasted that the “magic” figure of 100,000 copies sold was only in 2020, indicating how effectively the M department actually became.

The best-selling model of the M department is the M2 with 13,731 units purchased. It is followed by the M5 F90, which has reached 7,823 new owners. As for this year, the M Division is preparing several new models. Led by new man, Markus Flah, who escorted Frank van Mile to the post of chief of all new vehicle development, this sub-brand takes a boost for an even better result this year. Markus Flah is known to the general public as the leader of the development of the new Series 8.

This year, we will see the next model with the “M” badge: X3 M, X4 M, M8 in Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe Edition, as well as the conceptual variants of the upcoming M3 and M4.
Photo – BMW