The hull of the Airbus A 320, which was damaged when it landed on the airport runway in the Estonian capital, was transported to the port of Luebeck, on the Baltic Sea, and then to the Germans in the Straits, by sea. For the organization of the land part of the demanding task, a transport company from Stuttgart is engaged. Therefore, it is not surprising that for the needs of the complex mission, the carrier from Stuttgart has employed its “fellow citizen”, the Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 SLT, whose engine delivers around 630 horsepower.

The specific load was 60 meters long, weighing 90 tons, and probably the bigger problem was the width of the fuselage, which we all know well, and it is 5 meters. These are the main reasons why the whole trip lasted for 11 days. During this period, the land route was routed for three nights, and the happy family passed by Hamburg, Magdeburg, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, before arriving at the target destination. Twice the convoy had to leave the main road directions, in order to avoid low underpasses. The maneuvers of re-entry to the highway were the true masterpiece of the driver and the truck itself, due to the cramped space, given the dimensions of the cargo.

It is still worthwhile to complete the mission in the final part, helped by another copy of the Actros SLT. The duet of trucks is in tandem, through narrow and steep forest roads, bringing the Airbus to the special forces base (KSK Special Forces Command), where it will be used to carry out training on the subject of passenger traffic protection in air traffic.

Photo – MercedesBenz