The Mercedes S-Class 500 is a very powerful and elegant limousine that is ready for every challenge. However, this time we present a model that comes in an extraordinary tuning exit. This kit of gold-rotated Rotiform LHR wheels and Airlift Performance suspension are both things you would see on the Mini Cooper, VW Golf. Chinese tuners from Iacrophobia decided to take things to their extremes by installing these on a Mercedes S500 sedan.

This Mercedes S-Class 500 has an elegant black lacquer coat that contrasts sharply with gaudy high-polish wheels with numerous gold-ish spokess arranged in a star-like pattern.

The car also received a Brabus aerodynamic body kit and a Bottrop radiator grille. Rotiform LHR wheels and Airlift Performance suspension are the perfect combination in this project. This is a great choice and a combination of alloy wheels whit suspension.

Iacrophobia has not released much details so far, so we have no information as to whether this S500 is tuned further and whether there were modifications to the interior. In any case, this is really a crazy project. Mercedes S-Class is not much of a model in the tuning world, but this model is probably one of the most beautiful and the most brutal.

Photo – Sevenjia Photography