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Thursday, September 19, 2019
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O.CT Blacks-Out The Mercedes-AMG GT R & Boosts It To 641HP

Although there had been a bit of turbulence, it looks like Mercedes-AMG will finally be releasing their Black Series GT R at some point in 2020. And while that’s excellent news for supercar enthusiasts, it’s also still quite a ways away. For those who are impatient, however, there is a superb aftermarket option to...

Ford’s Tremor Edition Super Duty Pickup Is Ready For 4×4 Adventure

In an era where midsized offerings are becoming the primary focus for the industry’s leading truck manufacturers, Ford has decided to let old habits die hard with the recently announced Super Duty Tremor Edition — a capable off-road package that looks to amplify its 2020 lineup. The Tremor package is slated to adorn the company’s new F-250...

BMW Wants To Remind Tesla Who’s Boss

The Bavarian automaker will offer 25 electrified models by 2023, two years ahead of schedule. Electric vehicles might not be catching on as fast as some automakers would like. But that’s not deterring BMW. At its #NEXTGen event in Munich today, the Bavarian manufacturer revealed not only the attention-grabbing Vision M Next concept (and a battery-powered motorcycle concept) but also...

BMW Explains Why New 7 Series’ Grille Is Massive

Hold your criticisms and listen to BMW’s side of the argument. Let’s sit down for a short lesson on car design, shall we? This time we’ll focus on the decision-making process behind designing an iconic super sedan, the BMW 7 Series. The latest generation of the 7 Series, known as the G11 (the short-wheelbase version) and G12...

RV Loses Brakes And Jumps Ferry Ramp In Tragic Accident

The video is difficult to watch. Last month, we covered a video of crash-tested RVs – and the results were distressing. RV safety standards are not the same as they are for passenger cars. While they are large,...


What a crazy build! Who even thinks about turbocharging a Honda HRV?! This guy does actually! This crazy sleeper, looks like a sleeper while you drive beside him or even behind him. Till you drive in front of him and you see that big Turbocharger smiling at you and saying Hello!

The Arquus Scarabee Is A Nimble & Stealthy Hybrid Armored 4×4

While there seems to be no shortage of impressive military vehicles out there, manufacturers keep finding new and interesting ways to combine automobiles and battlefield-ready features. The latest comes to us courtesy of the Paris Air Show via a surprising brand: Volvo — Or rather Volvo’s Arquus military-focused sub-brand. It’s called the Arquus ...

Watch All Eight Porsche 911 Generations Hit The Open Road

Now this is a caravan. The Porsche 911 has changed a lot since the German automaker rolled out the first one over half a century ago in 1963. However, while the car has certainly grown in size...

Audi S2-R Quattro Hillclimb Monster – 2.2 5-cylinder Turbo Engine Symphony!

For the Audi Quattro 5 cylinder fans out there! Here we have a video with one of the best sounding hillclimb monsterswe have ever seen: Karl Werner’ Audi S2 R Quattro. You can hear the melodic sound of the Audi 2.2-liter 5-cylinder engine (with around 630hp) in action!


It’s that time of year where we take a look back at the season and check out all the Burnout Carnage from around the country. With a heap of Tyre Fires, Wall Hits & Rods Out there’s no shortage of action to cut together into one WILD video.


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