Little Smart Fortwo is a very popular car in Europe.
This model is extremely popular with tuning-house, especially in Carlsson and Brabus edition. Because of its size this car is very small in order to bring him a few more things, so this extended version of the Smart Fortwo right solution. This model was done by TNT Promotional Vehicles company that deals with such alterations.
This model is created by joining together two fortwo, wherein assigned to the rear axle pairwise! Because of this merger, he now even has a 6 wheel drive axle is high, and thus recalls the assembled G63 AMG 6 × 6 model.
The Smart Fortwo has a standard 1.0-liter with 70 hp. Otherwise he found last year on eBay, where he was for sale at a price of $ 15,999. This was an ideal opportunity to possess such a unique project that I have hundreds more space really attracts attention wherever it appears.

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