The man behind the wheel of the new two-wheeler, Nil Kembel, previously set his personal record in June when he managed to develop a speed of 217 km / h. His bicycle, specially created by the Moss Bikes brand, was designed to keep up to 322 km / h. Although Campbell did not develop as much acceleration, he managed to reach a record 240 km / h and crumble the world record. To achieve this speed, the main tool was the 2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo, a model that turned out to be an ideal ally because of its size and the possibility of a sultry acceleration on the right line. Cayenne is equipped with accessories that have created an aerodynamic beacon for the driver and a bicycle behind him. Powered by a four-cylinder bitumen V8 engine, the Cayenne Turbo model generates 542 hp and 770 Nm of torque, a combination sufficient to accelerate to one hundred from the idle state within 4.1 seconds or just 3.9 seconds in the case when customers chose Sport Chrono package. With a terrain that reaches 177 km / h, Campbell also accelerated with his bicycle in the rear, using only the power of the pedal drive. When the model crossed the speed limit and reached 240 km / h, the two-wheeler had to halt long and hard before reaching the end of the runway. See how this test looked like on the runway.

Video – Adam Roberts

Photo – Youtube printscreen