As the photos show, the biggest visual changes in the VW Golf eighth generation will be played at the front of the car, where the new light group is dominant, and then a slightly different grille and front bumper. And at the rear, the shape of the light group has changed, but in a much smaller extent than in the case of the front part of the car.

The production of the eighth generation of the Golf starts in June this year, according to the representatives of the German brand, the biggest change will be played under the hood of the car, that is, the mechanics will deal with. It is based on a brand new, mild hybrid system that uses 48V technology, and will be implemented initially in the new Golf, to later expand to other game models. For now, the VW does not go into detail, but says the internal combustion engines will be paired with a starter generator and a 48V battery. This so-called “mild” hybrid system will enable Golf 8 to provide inertial motion with the SUS engine off, and the account it will save fuel up to 0.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Conventional powertrains will include four-cylinder turbo petrol and diesel units, a volume of 1.5 liters, the latest, replacement for a 1.6-liter version, which is withdrawn from use. The VW will use a modified version of the MQB Golf 8 platform, which should result in a mass reduction of about 70 kilograms, thanks to the use of lightweight materials. Although there is still no confirmation when Volkswagen will premiere the eighth generation of the most popular car in Europe, chances are it will happen at the Geneva Motor Show.
These are the first unofficial exclusive photos. Photo credit – Instagram