Volkswagen has modified the Passat outwardly in detail, but it does not change the fact that the “new” Passat could be described as restyling as a completely new model.

The Passat in USA is far from what the Passat represents in Europe, and therefore the model is completely different. Volkswagen decided to embark on a new generation, primarily due to the fact that Ford and GM have announced withdrawal from this segment, and the German brand’s clear desire to fill the vacant space with its own model.

The new, Passat for USA market has got a larger grid, slightly different shaped bumpers and light groups compared to its predecessor. In the R-Line equipment package Passat also has two-color alloy wheels, and the attractive look is certainly a contribution and a small spoiler mounted on the rim of the luggage compartment cover.

Changes are also evident within the vehicle. In the front of the cabin, the most remarkable changes are the new instrument panel as well as the different shape of the air / air vent. Volkswagen opened the hole practically all over the width of the dashboard, which is clearly an answer to the criticism of the previous model and the plastic that was there. It was also confirmed that the new Itatea Passat for the Americans got the last generation information and entertainment system.

As far as motorization is concerned, according to everything, the offer will be only one unit. It is a two-liter turbo engine with four fixed cylinders that develops 176 hp and 280 Nm. It is matched to a six-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the front wheels.

The complete introduction of the new generation of the new Passat is scheduled for tomorrow at the Detroit Auto Show.
Photo – Volkswagen