If you thought that the fast cars and the tuning project for young people, then you are mistaken. In fact this is the real proof that tuning does not know for years.  I have the honor to introduce you to a gentleman who has about 75 years from U.K. but decided to possess a very fast car. It is for your tuning project chose nothing but the VW Golf R MK7 package which is further tuned. From this great model was pulled maxim power – and now possesses an impressive 600 hp which is a great end result. In the next video, which did LivingLifeFast team have the chance to view the whole interesting story about this gentleman and to see what it looks like such a ride. We are certainly delighted that this project has not left us indifferent. See how it looked this great ride, and listen what he has to tell you.

Video – LivingLifeFast

Photo – YouTube/printscreen