The upcoming 2020 Mid-Engine C8 Corvette may be moving its V8 engine behind the driver, but that doesn’t mean it has to lose any of that glorious rumbly exhaust you expect from America’s sports car.

Here’s four pure, skin-clearing, life-fulfilling minutes of mid-engine Corvette exhaust noise:

I don’t care where the engine is. I don’t care how much power it’s going to make. I don’t care that I’m suspicious it will be kinda ugly. I don’t even care that it pretty much sounds just like a C7 Corvette!

I care about is the smile on grown men’s faces when they hear one of
these rev up for the first time when it finally starts hitting the Cars
and Coffee circuit. Some of them may even tear up right there in their
New Balances.

Those moments of pure joy for the jorts-wearing
crowd of America are what Corvettes are really all about, and this new
one is going to pass the test.