Honda’s Mean Mower V2 has a better power-to-weight ratio than a Bugatti Chiron

Honda’s just nabbed itself a Guinness World Record. Its latest ‘Mean
Mower’ – which uses the 200bhp 999cc four-cylinder engine from the
company’s CBR1000RR motorcycle – is officially the fastest lawnmower
from 0-100mph. Because that’s apparently a thing.

W Series driver
Jess Hawkins set the record last month at the Lausitzring in Germany,
with a two-way average of 6.29 seconds. That makes Mean Mower V2 faster
to 100mph than an Audi R8, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera or Ferrari
Portofino. And none of those can cut grass.

Yep – to get the
record Honda had to prove the Mean Mower, which was revealed last
summer, was still capable of… mowing a lawn. To that end it has two
electric motors powering carbon-fibre blades.

The rules also say the mower had to “intrinsically look like a lawnmower” to be eligible. Presumably to stop some enterprising soul from attaching a desk fan to the underside of a Ferrari 488 Pista. The Mean Mower therefore shares a front cowl, grass box and many body panels with Honda’s standard HF 2622 mower.

Mean Mower V2 is the follow-up to 2014’s Mean Mower – the machine on
which TG’s Piers Ward claimed the record for the world’s fastest
lawnmower. Piers’s record of 116.575mph stood for a year, until a bunch
of maniacal Norwegians attached a V8 to a Viking/STIHL T6 mower and
managed 134mph.

Honda claims Mean Mower V2 hit 150.99mph at the
Lausitzring in the course of setting its 0-100mph record. An attempt on
the outright speed record, therefore, must still be in the offing…