ccording to his Instagram bio, Kasey (@just1kasey on IG) the owner of
this “beautiful” Prius, loves turbos and the unnecessary modifications.
Perfect self-knowledge, if you ask me! Because a year ago he bought a
Toyota Prius for 250 dollars to install a in-line six engine! Probably
to compensate all those environmental savings.

the project he took the 1JZ engine from the third generation Supra, the
smaller brother of the well-known 2JZ engine from the previous
generation Toyota Supra.

The 2.5-liter turbo engine has more than enough power to make the
tires smoke in a Toyota Prius. All the power goes ofcourse to the rear
wheels and that makes this ugly piece of shit a perfect drifting

The hybrid stuff disappeared from the car, presumably. We can add
this drift machine to the list of bizarre creations! That’s for sure.