The new VW Golf 1.5 TSI ACT Bluemotion is powered by the TSI engine version of the company, which owns 1.5 liters of volume and 128 hp.This powertrain features active cylinder control, the Active Cylinder Management system, which can close two of the four cylinders for greater economy, but also less pollution when compared to the seven-speed DSG gearbox.In fact, Volkswagen claims that the 1.5 TSI ACT Bluemotion model, paired with DSG transmission, can be classified as a micro hybrid system due to the driving function of this direct transmission speed. This gearbox releases the accelerator pedal as soon as the driver releases the gas pressure or when the model starts to descend downhill, completely off the engine and separates it from the clutch function. Volkswagen claims that the reduction in fuel consumption is reduced to 0.4lt / 100km in eco mode, which works with the help of a 12-volt electric system and compact lithium-ion batteries, which are responsible for supplying all relevant systems while the engine is off. According to NEDC, the VW Golf 1.5 TSI ACT Bluemotion returns 4.8lt / 100km in combined driving, with an additional drop of this figure in the urban environment to 4.0lt / 100km when the engine is paired with a seven-speed DSG transmission.The engine itself also features turbocharging equipped with variable technology, which works on Miller’s combustion process. Volkswagen optimized valve control with previously developed input units combined with higher combustion and a turbocharger, which provides better fuel efficiency by 10% when combined with similarly powered petrol engines.
Video – Bilreview, Photo – Volkswagen
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