The concept VW Golf GTI TCR named passenger derivative of the race car, winner of two world titles TCR, has so far sold more than 100 copies. Featured is the traditional and the largest global gathering of fans GTI Golf, held in the Austrian town of Rajfnic am Verterze.  It is a version that is still treated as a study, and is expected to be the embodiment of its production to get to the end of the year. As the fastest production Golf GTI “will have 290 hp racing version of the 350 has a declared range of 5,000 to 6,800 r / min, will be equipped with a seven-speed DSG transmission, front differential lock, and it will adorn a special design. Its two-liter turbocharged engine frees 370 Nm of torque starting from 1,600 up to 4,300 r / min. The maximum speed of the standard version will amount to 250 km / h, removing the electronic limiter to 264 km / h. In the car were built two refrigerators require such high aggregate performance. There will be two types of wheels, forged 18-inch as standard, or aluminum 19-inch wheels as an option. Besta cottage high-performance system with perforated discs.  With the removal of the speed limit and 19-inch wheels coming yet dynamic sports chassis with adaptive control (DCC), which includes changes in electrical characteristics of the shock absorbers adjustable at the push of a button. Golf GTI TCR differ from relatives GTI game at different profiled front bumper with splitter contours after re profiled side panels to the bottom edge of the stainless steel cover sleepers cars and reach to the diffuser and tailpipes. There is also a label TCR front of the rear wheels, a graphic decor honeycomb, typical of the GTI family, is an option. Inside, the sports seats covered in a combination of microfiber and fabric made in contrasting black and red.

Photo – Volkswagen