The Volkswagen Golf MK3 GTI option was a factory very fast model that had an excellent 150 hp engine with an ABF 2.0 liter 16v engine. The strongest version of this model was the well-known VR6 model which, with the help of a 2.9 liter engine, produced 204 hp, which at that time was perfect. But today there are more and more such models that have over 1000 hp. But this time we present a unique project with even 2 VR6 engines and twin turbo compressors. You ask what’s going on here? We will reveal a secret to what kind of model it is, and what this brutal Volkswagen Golf MK3 owns. There are 2 VR6 engines loaded here, one forwards, while the long engine is in the rear and both are paired with excellent truncation.

This MK3 with the help of a turbocharger now has as much as 1600 hp making it one of the most powerful VW Golf MK3 in the world. After the race track test, we can clearly see that for this model, there is simply no opponent that can stand on the line. It takes 9.0 seconds to cross 1/4 mile or 402 meters. There are also special wheels for expensive races, then a parachute on the rear for easy stopping and braking, while the drive is on the rear wheels. See how this brutal MK3 sounds, and how it behaves on the track. The sound and acceleration are phenomenal, so boost the speakers and enjoy.

Video – 1320video

Photo – Youtube printscreen