The Russians are well known for their excellent off road test drives and terrains that are great for such a ride.

This time we get a video from Russia where we can see the excellent off road test of many SUV models, among which was found a Volkswagen Touareg with the V6 TDI engine. This model is not specifically modified except that it is fitted with off road wheels with off road tires. This is how this Touareg is ready to take part in this test. Other SUV models are also prepared for this drive, so a good terrain and mud is a real challenge for them.

The road that the SUVs have gone through is with large mud and large amounts of water that additionally make it difficult to move. In some places, it has come to the end and the mud, so the other participants had to help with the extraction.

Video – OffroadSPB, Photo – Youtube printscreen