The latest, top variant has previously been presented with two amrok concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Frankfurt Motor Show, powered with the three-liter TDI V6 unit that produces 254 hp and 580 Nm of torque at peak RPM, which is 220 hp and 550 Nm of torque higher than in the previous line from the top of the band.

V6 diesel engine consists of adding features 14 horses for total 268 hp, while this force also sent to all four wheels via 4Motion drive system and an eight-speed automatic transmission. All interested buyers are now able to opt for motor options with superior specifications, which come in Amarok Highline models and Aventura. The most powerful VW Amarok will be recognized by a number of visual modifications, for example, Amarok Aventura version will come with 20-inch Talca wheels in dark graphite color, sports protections on the body and bi-xenon headlamps equipped with LED daytime running lights as standard.

The passenger compartment has a padded roof, the finish on the columns and other roof elements in titanium black, while the seats are equipped with Nappa leather in the same color. The company will offer VW finishes in peacock green, exclusively for its new Amarok models with 254 hp, along with a matte gray paint indium and ravena blue as the main options. First Amarok models with 254 hp and V6 engines will reach all authorized representatives in mid-June this year. Prices start from 51,384 euros for the Amarok Highline variants and 58,072 euros, which is necessary to allocate the Amarok Aventura models in Germany.

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