The German tuner Boba Motoring, which is well known for its tuning creations, should not be particularly impressive, as even those who are less knowledgeable already know their Golf MK1 and MK2 generations, with over 1000 HP.

These tuned models are so fast that they have entered the very top on a drag race throughout Europe, setting new high speed records and excellent acceleration results.This Golf MK2 4Motion, which now releases 1233 hp and a total of 1094 Nm of torque, has NG-Motorsports CNC cylinder head porting, 6 speed dog ring Transmission, while acceleration performance is from 0-100km / h and 2.53 sec, 100-200km / h and 3.16 sec, 200-250km / h and 1.98 sec, 200-270km / h and 3.0 sec. 1/4 mile crosses 8.69 sec and reaches 273km / h. Weight car is 1180 kg and maximum speed: 350 + km / h. This is a great fast car.

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