If you love the world of speed then read this. This is the fastest Hennessey Venom GT in the world.  Hennessey Venom GT Veyron broke the record of 269.86 miles per hour even scoring 270.49 mph before he ran out of asphalt to safely stop. It is even 435 km / h!  Venom GT will not end up in the Guinness Book of Records because it is directed towards the need to take an average speed of two races in opposite directions (which did not allow NASA) and the status of mass production needed to produce at least 30 cars. Hennessey plans to make as much Venom GT’s, but for now, customers have found 11 copies at a cost of one million dollars apiece. Anyway, it is really impressive to see how this processed Lotus Elise with GM V8 of 1,244 HP defies air resistance even after breaking Veyron record.

Video – Hennessey Performance

Photo – printscreen